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Selling of a business

From the seller’s point of view, the broker ensures that the buyers of the business are capable of paying the price of the business. It is also the broker’s job to improve the sellers’ chance of receiving multiple offers, enabling them to receive the best price possible. Our services include the following:

  • Playing the role of advisor or mentor:
    Your broker is well aware of the industry and can expertly guide you regarding your business choices and market patterns. He will be your personal advisor throughout the selling process and will advice you on matters such as property evaluation, preparation of accounts, tax management and other legal matters.
  • Marketing of your business:
    Your broker will advertise your product on various social platforms, ensuring that your target market is rightly approached.
  • Query management:
    Your broker will expertly handle all your buyers and their inquiries. This will save time for you to look over other matters related to the business.
  • Assessing the buyers:
    This is a very important task that our expert brokers perform on behalf of the sellers. This includes studying the financial standing of the buyer and judging how stable he or she is financially. This will give you a better idea on whether the buyer can afford the transactions and its related costs.
  • Smoothing of transactions:
    One of the most important tasks of the broker is to facilitate your transactions with the buyer smoothly. We ensure that our clients are given the highest value for their business while payments are made in the most smooth and organized manner.