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About Us

Who are we?

Bizquire is an enthusiastic team of experts who have come together with the purpose to connect entrepreneurs from around the world and help them start new businesses. We provide small businesses with a market place where they can meet each other to explore business opportunities. Our aim is to help these entrepreneurs learn from each other’s experiences and add value to their business while building it further based on the collective knowledge of the entire group. This in turn will lead to a prospering and growing business, resulting in, greater potentials and unlimited growth.

Our job is to connect both offline and on line business owners with the right buyers by providing a platform for them so that they can connect with investors or reach out to franchisers. This enables them to open up businesses without starting from scratch.

Our services are ideal for online businesses that are looking for other businesses to invest in, or take over their business. They are also targeted to serve offline business owners who cannot manage the day to day operational costs of their business and are looking for investors to help them run their business. These costs may include rental and renovation costs for startups or costs incurred in remodeling traditional businesses.

Why choose us

Bizquire is a global service provider that brings together more than a million business buyers and sellers every month. We encourage sellers of businesses to list their businesses with us so that their potential buyers can see them. If interested, the potential buyers can directly connect the business owners and negotiate their purchase transactions. This makes our company an excellent choice for people who are on the lookout for business opportunities, businesses that want cash injections, entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and investors who want profitable options to save their money.

If you are a seller, listing your business with us will provide you with greater exposure and better deals. If you are a buyer or an investor, you are provided with better options and wider variety of business choices. Our platform ensures that both parties are provided with market competitive prices and greater business opportunities.

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